sending ripples through the design world: zaha hadid’s liquid glacial table

British-Iraqi star architect Zaha Hadid (b. 1950) is synonymous with futuristic buildings of elongated and fragmented geometric planes. But did you know she is also an avid product designer?  Case in point, the Liquid Glacial Table.

Commissioned by Mayfair’s super chic contemporary design gallerist and impresario David Gill and made in Italy, this is one marvelous acrylic/resin dining table.  In general, I personally find Hadid’s work to be brilliant yet chaotic and un-serene.  This table manages to perfectly balance the stillness of the peaceful crystalline surface and its wind swept ripples with the vortex legs that break the peace by seemingly sucking the water downwards.  It’s pure genius … and beauty.
At around $160,000 each, I would prefer a glass table, as resin typically is easier to scratch.  But then, if you’re spending this amount of money on a table, replacing it is just a matter of a finger-snap, right?
image credits: Co.Design

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