Roman Thomas

Since I first saw one of their few advertisements years ago, I have completely obsessed over the beautiful furniture of American cabinetmaker Roman Thomas.  I hope you can see what I mean.  Inspired by the simple lines of American mid-century furniture, his pieces are perfectly scaled and fresh in their design.  He has the eye for detail, so his pieces are all hand made with the utmost care while utilizing only the finest materials available.  If he thinks a particular cabinet needs a perfectly proportioned brass foot, he will add it … price not being a concern.

There is a certain Zen about the perfectly tailored pieces that also attracts me to them.  They stand on their own with only a few accoutrements required to round out the rooms that house his furniture.  This is truly masterful work!

Image credit: © Roman Thomas.  The top image includes the Edmonds sofa, floor lamp, side chair and coffee table.  The bottom includes the Ogden chair and the Hawthorn cabinet covered in blue leather, side table and floor lamp all designed by Thomas. To the trade only.
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