refreshing Jean Prouvé’s timeless pieces

Known as one of the most important designers of the 20th century, Jean Prouvé was instrumental in forging the path of modern design in France in the 1920s when the notion of “modernism” was closer to an aristocratic ideal of beauty.  He helped democratize the modern movement by giving his designs a sense of practicality and portability (vs. luxury) through the use of sheet metal, a rather pedestrian material.

To many of his followers, the idea of altering his classics amounts to sacrilege, but not to the cool Dutch denim brand of G-StarRaw, who with the blessing of the Prouvé family and in conjunction with Prouvé’s manufacturer Vitra, the iconoclastic Italian chair company, has unveiled Prouvé Raw by G-Star Raw for Vitra, a collection of 17 reinvigorated limited edition pieces by the French master focusing on newly defined colors of metal, leather, fabric and treatment of wood that do not distract from the construction and form of the originals. Ces’t vraiment magnifique!
image credits: G-Star/Jorma Muijtjens; (top) fauteuil de salon, 1939; (bottom – clockwise from upper left hand corner) standard, 1934; potence, 1947; cité, 1930; guéridon cafétéria, 1950.
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