reflecting on a client’s wishes

I was recently asked by a client to work on their loft.  Because of the open space they were keen in having some shiny surfaces to reflect the little natural light they received.  If you follow my blog you know “I don’t really do shiny”, but as it turned out, I learned to embrace the concept to the advantage of my design. Always learning people!

The medium and small side x-tables above were my choices for the space.  First, because they are made by Rio-born Brunno Jahara, a seasoned and talented designer now living in Sao Paulo, and are therefore collectable.  Second, because I loved the fact he chased the table’s tops, treating the metal as if it were silver (sorry but you cannot tell this from the photo).  Finally, the contrast between the “polished” surface tops and their strong geometric cross bases made them very attractive.  Paired with a leather covered sofa, patterned sisal rug and Belgian-linen window treatments plus the odd Art-Deco pottery as accent pieces, the space turned out stunning.  Who says the decorator can’t learn a thing or two from his clients?
image credit: © Brunno Jahara