purity of line in the porcelain ceramics of henk wolvers

I was first introduced to the work of Dutch ceramic artist Henk Wolvers during a brief visit to the Flow Gallery in Notting Hill, London.

From the images, you can see why his striking, paper-thin, geometric abstract vessels stopped me in my tracks! Their Scandi-Japanese minimalism and clean lines fit perfectly with my more modern, uncluttered sensibility.
According to the gallerist, Wolvers prefers using porcelain because of the purity of the material, which unlike other types of clay has no pollutants and is therefore easier to fire at higher temperatures.  This is what gives it that wonderfully pearly white color.
So many times we engage with art only visually.  With ceramics or any other sculptural art form one really must also engage tactically to better understand the piece.  In this case, the perfection of the surface and the thinness of the edges tell you that while the vessels are seemingly strong, they are also very fragile … a perfect parallel to our own human condition.
image credits: Henk Wolvers, The Netherlands.  The artist is represented by Flow Gallery,London; Galerie Montana, Apeldoorn; Galerie Terra, Delft.
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