pull, stretch and snap: the works of sebastian brajkovic and vincent dubourg

Blurring the lines of art, sculpture and furniture are the works of the amazingly talented thirtysomethings Sebastian Brajkovic and Vincent Dubourg, two artists producing different types of sculptural furniture through the distortion of familiar forms. In both cases, the guys challenge our perspective of a common piece.  Brajkovic pulls and stretches, skewing our traditional visual of the object. Dubourg goes one step further, seemingly snapping the piece at its maximum point of elasticity.

What results are sublime pieces of artistic, yet usable, eye-catching pieces of furniture for the high-end home that get an A++ in my book.  And while they’re not jungle gyms or hamster wheels for the kids to play on, these statement pieces can serve a purpose, whether to sit and rest, place mail or keys and even store the unsightly.
Dutch-born Sebastian Brajkovic (b. 1975) studied cabinetmaking before enrolling at the world-renowned Eindohoven Design Academy with the goal of combining art and design.  Inspired by Photoshop pixel stretching, he created the “Lathe” series of furniture that began as his final school project. The chairs are his.
Frenchman Vincent Dubourg (b. 1977) studied applied arts, industrial and furniture design before settling as an artist.  His background taught him the traditional techniques of wood molding and metal casting which have served him in producing his extruded delicacies.  And like a true artist, he improvises as he goes, without following a well thought–out plan or design. The shelf /console and credenza are his.
Whatever was in the water in Europe towards the end of the 1970s was a good thing.  These guys are definitely two artists to watch.
image credits: Carpenter’s Workshop Gallery, London and Paris who coincidentally, represent both artists !!!