Project Pickboard | richard rabel: using 1st dibs in a living room – (4/5)

Today is day four of our bachelor pad living room decoration and it is also Thanksgiving in the US.  Happy Turkey day!!!

Art is such an important part of a well conceived room. It’s the “jewelry” that makes the rest of the room look fabulous.  For this space, I picked both a sculpture and a painting.

The painting, The Great Gatsby IV by contemporary artist Tim Rollins and K.O.S. is a piece that shocks the room to the next level.  For starters, in a room with earthy colored pieces, this rich coral-colored work of art works extraordinarily well in that it draws your eye into the room on first entry.  It gives the room a focus point.  Represented by the venerable Lehmann-Maupin Gallery via, the artist is well known and paints in his workshop with a group of at-risk-students from the Bronx who call themselves kids of survival (K.O.S.).

From the side entrance and looking into the room, your eye is drawn to the window. In front of the window, I’ve selected to place Cristal, a bronze sculpture by the German-French sculptor Jean Arp from Leslie Sacks Fine Art via  Conceived in plaster in 1938, the cast was made in 1959 and both in color and shape, the sculpture works magic in the room.  To display the piece, a 1950s ebonized and travertine pedestal was picked from Buck House via

image credit: (top) Lehmann-Maupin Gallery; (center) Leslie Sacks Fine Art; (bottom) Buck House
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