Poltrona frau … “la imperatrice” of Italian furniture design

Few can argue the Italians are not the most prolific and ingenious of designers.  You may not agree with the taste of some pieces, but overall, they are the brightest designers and artisans in the world. One company that has been at the pinnacle of quality and innovation in producing furniture of timeless beauty is Turin-based Poltrona Frau.  Backed by almost 100 years of tradition, this company lives in the present by inviting top product designers to work with them in developing super luxurious contemporary pieces.

One such designer is Roberto Lazzeroni, designer of the exquisitely simple, gorgeous and sexy Ginger Chair shown above. I cannot tell you how beautiful I think this chair is.  Since its debut at the Milano Furniture Fair this Spring, I have obsessed with it, at times going back to their New York showroom to run my hand over the beautiful lines and perfect edges (I know, its strange!).  The smell of its grade-A saddle leather is intoxicating and only those that have sat inside a brand new Maserati or Ferrari know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s exhilarating!
The chair comes in chocolate brown or camel leather and with or without a swivel, perfect as either a comfortable dining or desk chair. Unfortunately I can’t have one at home … I would spend way too much time petting it J
image credit: Poltrona Frau