playing with glass tiles

Glass tiles for the kitchen or bath have been the talk of designers for several years and quite frankly, many of these are just simply boring.  Seen that, done that!

Enter Edgewater Studio in Vancouver, Canada.  This artistic custom tile company does it all, but what it does particularly well is its line of art glass mosaics.  I selected a few of my faves to show you.  These add so much style and beauty to any space, whether it’s a backsplash in a kitchen or wall in a bathroom.
Imagine a bathroom with the grayish brix tile in hurricane color on the walls.  Its moody hues and wind swept design alludes to passing clouds during a storm. Trim it with black or white marble or granite for an infinitely clean and very modern space.  And now imagine the dimensions art glass tile in atlantic/seaport color, you can … sorry … I’m getting carried away … now its time for YOU to use your imagination J
image credits: Edgewater Studio. Clockwise from upper left: small jasmine art glass in periwinkle, vanilla and veil colors; chevron art glass in pacific blend color; dimensions art glass in atlantic/seaport color; brix art glass in hurricane color
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