Photographer Nadav Kander’s haunting Chinese landscapes

Photography is an amazing art form.   A superb image can draw you in and take you to new places and experiences, all through the eyes of the artist.  My latest “voyage” took me with Israeli artist Nadav Kander down the Yangtze River in China.  What a trip!

Kander made 5 trips to the river over the course of three years to capture the daily life surrounding it … from its source in Tibet to its mouth in Shanghai.  It’s the 3rdlargest river in the world and did you know that 1 in 18 people in the world live along the Yangtze?  Better yet, there are more Chinese living along that river than there are people living in the entire USA – no joke!!!!
Kander uses the term “flux” to describe the water in the river, which is the perfect metaphor for the changing landscape. While the West has taken its time to develop, China’s frenetic race to catch up is mind blowing and nowhere can you see this better than in Kander’s photos.
But what’s the price?  Is China destroying their past or building a future? Are people really better off living in their new conditions? You decide.
image credits: Flowers Gallery, New York and London. This remarkable exhibition at their gallery in New York runs through 24 November 2012.
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