phase out boring design with innovative furniture

Reza Feiz of Phase Design in LA has furniture design down to a fine art.  His whole philosophy is to use luxurious textures and finishes to create elegant and functional creations.  I can see the influence of the great Southern California modernists in his work – clean lines, but just the right amount of style to stand out in the crowd.

Take the “Pill Bench” for example.  The brass accents on the feet take us back a generation or two to the 60s and 70s, but the oval top, which is divided into three distinct sections, pulls us into the present.  This piece can be customized so that the center section or one of the ends can be done as an open area to form a tabletop.  I like the idea of having a place to rest a drink or even to lace up shoes without putting your feet on the upholstery.
And how hard is it to find just the right cocktail table?  Not too big, not too clunky, not too flimsy – it’s a task that keeps me awake at night (yes, interior designers and decorators do stress!).  But an answer to my prayers is the “Narcissist Table”.  The base is a solid wood that floats ever so slightly off the ground giving lightness to a piece that would otherwise appear too weighty.  And the top is a reflective black glass which again removes that solid factor of big, oversize cocktail tables by allowing the objects placed on top to shimmer in reflection.
The “Softscape Chair” is another sophisticated model that takes the classic club chair and gives it a modern spin with strong angular lines.  Again, I love that it floats on four short supports rather than sitting box like on the floor.  And the detail that the arm is elevated above the base adds interest to an otherwise common form.  It’s not always about reinventing the wheel – just cleaning up a design that is already known to work and making it modern and fresh.  Thank you Phase Design for keeping great Southern California design alive and well!

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image credits: Phase Design, Los Angeles