bella by gloster: sophisticated outdoor furniture

teak chair by Gloster

Outdoor furniture has changed a lot since the days of plastic chords around metal frames and crunchy, over treated canvas upholstery.  You just need to take a look at Bella, the marvelous suite of furniture designed by Carsten Astheimer for British outdoor furniture maker Gloster and you’d think you’re actually sitting on the deck of a stylish, mega-million dollar yacht (and this is not a coincidence since Carsten has designed a number of luxury vessels.)


Gloster teak chairs

Bella is made of powder-coated aluminum with shaped and laminated teak slats. The sculptural virtues of this furniture are its comfort and lounge-y elegance supported by the fact there are no right angles in its design – only curves. To me this is perfection.  While I have many clients who prefer upholstered outdoor furniture, the merits of teak are wonderful: easy to clean, easy to sit on, and the perfect receptor for the patina of time.  And besides, that’s what throw pillows are for!


Gloster teak settee

Richard Rabel, the|modern|sybarite

image credits: Gloster, internationally