Not your grandma’s rooms

Living with antiques does not mean living in your great grandmother’s home.  Still, living with antiques AND making the environment modern and of refined taste is very, very difficult and rarely accomplished to perfection.  The Gouda-based Dutch Interior Design firm of Decoration Empire is one of those few studios that strike the right balance between the old and the new in an infinitely sophisticated manner. Perhaps being at the crossroads of Europe gives them an edge over the rest of us?

Through the architecture, wall color and treatment, and a couple of modern shapes such as the round planter on the table and the perfectly right-angled pedestal table under the 17th century collector’s cabinet, the designers have given the room above a perfectly transitional modern feel regardless of  the 17th, 18th and 19th century kit. It’s inspirational and aspirational!
Thoughts anybody?
Another example of living with antiques in a contemporary setting. A penthouse in Antwerp by the same talented design group

All image credits © Decoration Empire