not your funky uncle’s 70s vinyl floors

Do you remember vinyl flooring … you know, the nasty type that covered kitchen and bathroom floors all over the world for the greater part of the 20th century?  Nowadays, one sees it and immediately wants to tear it up and replace with wood, stone or tile.  Well what would you think if I told you there may be a vinyl floor comeback?  Leave it to the quirky Brits to champion its return.

For 40 years, Amtico International has produced vinyl floors made to closely resemble natural products and are non-porous, long lasting (in durability and appearance), easy on the bottom of your foot … and are even “green”! (I’m starting to like these).  Honestly, I would first have to see an installation in person, but for projects under specific budget guidelines and for flooring in wet areas, I’m beginning to like this alternative … as long as it does not come in avocado green or canary yellow!!!
image credit: Amtico International
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