not a cloud in the sky, got the sun in my eyes …

and I, won’t be surprised if it’s a dream … c’mon sing with me!!! … sorry but I could not resist.
One can easily be “at the top of the world” when you see this fun, ingenious and quite wonderful table lamp from Japan.  The DCS Corporation brings us Cloud from the new Abovo line of fixtures. I think it is equally appropriate in a playroom, quirky space or minimalist interior and will most certainly be a conversation piece.  Doesn’t it make you happy?  The fiber cloud is intricately made (and very realistic), like only the Japanese can do it.

Standing above “the rain”, the whole fixture measures 17.3/4 in. | 45 cm. (high) x 17.3/4 in. | 45 cm. (wide) x 13.3/8 in. | 34 cm. (deep) and retails for about US$500.00.  For more information email them directly at: