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NY-based interior designer Nicole Fuller is a flutter of activity and creativity. Specializing in high-end residential and commercial design internationally, her interiors don’t whisper anything – rather, they are a dramatic tour-de-force of unwavering style and exquisite taste.  I admire her work because making statements as she does is something very hard to pull-off.

What I like about Nicole is her refusal to accept the status quo, which allows her to explore endless possibilities with new products and new technology and push the envelope with her clients who have an unwavering taste for luxury and uncompromising attitude for design. This exploration helps her creative spores to germinate into very good design.
The sitting room (first image) is fabulous.  It’s the same idea of working white on white but she takes it further by using a wonderful pattern and bleeding it over the sofa, while the shag rug of a slightly different tone of gray and the dripping white pendants echo the shapes and colors on the wall pattern.  Mind you, it’s all in a very conservative architectural space.
Elements of the unexpected bring visual delight to the traditional cupola and staircase (above).  How many people would have hung a giant lantern or something along those lines in this space? Nicole hung 3 square pendants that strikingly create tension in the overall shapes and colors in the room and make it sensational.
In the hallway and family room of this house she created balance and serenity without loosing her sense of style to make a statement.  At the end of the white lacquered corridor is a Plexiglas low console that allows the whole vignette to appear to float in space.  Furthermore, she ties together the corridor and the adjacent family room with the yellow runner whose color complement, blue, is the color of the room.  And while the room could be fun but slightly “vanilla”, she roughens the beautiful space by adding an oversized brass floor lamp to add a “pop” to the space.
I love the bedroom with its touch of whimsy.  It feels very fresh and the color combos of blues, grays, and purples are right on mark.  The green quartz bedside table lamps are a brilliant touch of … again … the unexpected.
Bravo Nicole!

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image credits: Nicole Fuller, New York