New for Fall

I’ve come to realize that most loyal readers seldom visit the blogsite because they happily receive and read the daily post by email … but, I would like to explain what you can currently see on the blog.  The blog is an ever-changing organic medium, where I add and edit constantly.  Some features to take a look at:

Daily emails and leaving comments
Sometimes people want to leave a comment on a specific post. You can easily do so by clicking the title of the post at the top of your email (blue letters) which will take you directly to the feature in the blog.  There, at the end of the entry, you can click on “Comments” where you can leave a message.  Readers also like reading other people’s comments, so go crazy!!!
Bookstore tab or bookstore “new titles” on the right hand column
I have curated a selection of art and design books and magazines that could be of interest to people… this is ever-changing.  My “bookstore” lies WITHIN, so you will always benefit from Amazon prices and service when purchasing books through my bookstore.
When you buy something on, IF you enter the store through my Amazon bookstore “entrance” (click on “powered by” on the upper right hand side to take you to the main Amazon store) I will slightly benefit from your purchases.  Nothing off your back.  Amazon will pay me a very small fee for each purchase, whether an art book or a box of sea-monkeys for your niece’s birthday or holiday gift!
Other blog tabs and the blog’s right hand column
The tabs along the top of the blog have a lot of info, so when you have the time, play around.  The right hand column of the site will have updates, whether its press where I’ve been featured or mentioned, or post titles of features I’ve written on other people’s blogs or anything else I can think of.
I hope this short intro will peek your interest in going into to check it all out.
Happy Fall everybody!
image source: @marekr