modern style for al fresco living – the shady Oasis Gazebo

The Oasis Gazebo is a perfect touch of luxury to any outdoor space where additional construction is just out of the question.  As an interior designer, I’m constantly trying to extend, reinvent or come up with more space for my clients, so this is a perfect piece of furniture to accomplish the task.

Milanese architect Rodolfo Dordoni designed the Oasis Gazebo for RODA.  A prevalent designer, Dordoni has designed products for seemingly every major Italian design firm, from Artemide and Cassina to Floss and Venini. In designing this piece, Dordoni had to give the materials, assembly techniques and finishes serious consideration as durability and solidity were of utmost importance.
The modern gazebo is the perfect “other” room to hang out in … whether a romantic evening looking at the stars or a Sunday family gathering al fresco, so it’s not quite the unmovable terrace or a moveable garden umbrella.  It’s something in between and infinitely more chic!
image credits: RODA, Italy
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