modern silhouettes: the glass pendants of furthurdesign

I recently discovered the modern glass objects designed and made by Manhattan-based glass artist William Couig of furthurdesign.  And of the bowls, vases and other accessories he creates, what really sang to me were his pendants … beautifully crafted and very contemporary looking glass forms that are gorgeous in mid-air.

One thing that attracts me to glass and ceramic objects is how incredibly difficult making them seems to be.  Though for the proficient artist, my statement is likely an exaggeration, when you work in glass and you mess up, you basically have to start over again … even if you ruined it in the very last step before adding the finishing touch.  That would drive me crazy and thus the reason I have so much respect for well-made, fine-looking and delightful objects such as Couig’s pendants.
The Groove Pendants come in four shapes and are made in an assortment of colors: amber, blue, smoke and green.  He uses two finishes, one a traditional clear or another reminiscent of a raindrop, which I completely dig.  You can get them as individual lights or as a ready-made chandelier (top 2 images). His Tactile Pendant with its geometric planes (above image) reminds me of Bauhaus design. It can be modern and progressive or classic and antique.
Couig graduated from John Hopkins with a degree in Literature and English in the mid-1990s and discovered glass during his post university year-long backpacking trip around the world.  Another great example of how travel opens the doors to imagination and creativity.
image credits: furthurdesign, New York