modern vibes in the work of a brooklyn furniture designer


Only in his early 30s, cabinetmaker and Brooklyn furniture designer Asher Israelow is already making waves in the world of original contemporary furniture.  Focusing on small batches, this eco friendly craftsman uses only ethically and locally sourced materials to create his tables and chairs whose lines are classic and yet very much of today.

While he cuts, sands and joins furniture like bed frames and cabinets, it’s his chairs and tables that really speak to me, particularly the ones featured today.



The O Chair (main and above image), is this Brooklyn furniture designer’s ode to midcentury low chairs – think Jens Risom, Hans Wegner or even the Eameses – with its low slung leather seat over a brass and walnut base.  How chic are these!  They have a Scandinavian sophistication but an American bravado.



The Lincoln Chair (above) is another personal favorite. Originally commissioned for the Lincoln Center David Koch Theater, these are superbly joined and sublimely elegant with a leather seat that curves around a black walnut frame which uses brass structural rods for support and decoration. How someone reinvents the millenary chair is beyond me.  The guy is talented! Imagine these around a dining table.




The Star Map Tables come in different shapes and sizes and the premise is that the Brooklyn furniture designer will map the stars from a particular moment in time and translate them by inlaying brass dots of different dimensions into a single maple slab, whether it’s for a dining, cocktail or side table. The bases combine wood and brass in different proportions for the different styles. Here I show a low cocktail table (above) and a side table (below), the latter being from the commission of the Lincoln Center New York City Ballet.



Another cool table is the Simon Cocktail Table (2 images below) where Israelow wraps black walnut over silver maple and details the surface with two brass pin stripes.  The drawers make it ideal for storing coasters or games.  While it’s a large table, I’m sure Israelow can custom make it to your requirements.




Working out of a studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yards, this Brooklyn furniture designer is definitely putting a modern vibe on contemporary furniture.  He is a prime example of how furniture can be reinvented, not with gimmickry, but with a vision for tweaking classical lines.

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image credits:  (2 image) Eclectic Trends, Barcelona; all others Asher Israelow, Brooklyn.