modern art and architecture in the lighting glasswork of brooklyn artist thaddeus wolfe

Just when you think you’ve seen it all … voila … something interesting appears.  And this is exactly what happened one September afternoon when I was walking around SoHo Manhattan and went into my favorite (and very chic) hardware store E.R. Butler & Co.

On view that day they had the lighting work by Brooklyn artist Thaddeus Wolfe (b. 1979) who is making radical and one-of-a-kind pieces of art (some functional, some not) that took my interest.  As I was looking for lighting pendants, what caught my eye were his awesome lights.
Aren’t these just the bomb?  Part of his Assemblages series, the lights are inspired by rough minerals as found in nature – their rough angles looking like modernist art and architecture. The geometric planes around the sides are both rough and smooth, giving the appearance they have evolved over time and not just meticulously hand blown last week!!!!  Definitely something to consider if you budget allows.
image credits: E.R. Butler & Co., Manhattan who represents the artist
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