modenus’ posse for blogtour london 2013

Last week it was announced that little ol’ me, through my achievements with the modern sybarite blog, had been one of 12 North American bloggers selectively handpicked by MODENUS to participate in covering the upcoming London Design Festival and DECOREX as part of their BlogTour London 2013 (#blogtourLDN).  Excited – nah.  Ecstatic – are you kidding me?? – you bet!!!

Back eons ago, I wrote a feature explaining what MODENUS was all about, so I won’t do that here.  But one thing I know now that I didn’t know then is the amazing trophy it is for a blogger to be part of BlogTour – which in its simplest is to share new design inspiration with my audience.  In this case, it will be the riot of new products and designs being shown in over 300 events in London alone during our stay from the 18th-23rd of September.
As part of the trip, I’ll be writing a handful of features recognizing the sponsors of BlogTour and highlighting some of what I think are their best products.  But what I choose to feature is up to me and I have been told there is no arm-twisting into writing anything that is not relevant or could be relevant to my readers.  It’s a HUGE luxury to have carte-blanche on a trip like this.

Gladly, I’m not alone. With me are another 11 professionals; mostly interior designers and stylists that also put the time into penning well received blogs.  Here is a short intro to the incredible team going with me:

Laura Bielecki is a Canadian but she gets the prize for traveling the furthest as she lives and works in Dubai.  Her Luxury Interior Blog is full of great finds.
Rita Catinella Orrell is a design magazine editor working in New Jersey that also finds the time to pen Designythings.  She will be the go-to person in the group to ask about LEED Green certification!
Jessica Gordon Ryan is a classy lifestyle writer living in southern Connecticut.  Check out The Entertaining House to see what I mean!
Holly Hollingsworth Phillips of Charlotte, North Carolina is co-owner of The English Room. She loves to mix the tradition of the past with the modern style of the future.
Lisa Kahn, is a Midwest transplant in sunny Florida designing grand places in Floridian style.
Corey Klassen is a specialist kitchen and bath designer from Vancouver.  He tells me that the Canadian “eh” is not practiced on the West Coast.  Is that right, eh?
Courtney Lake is the other guy in the group aside from Corey and myself and is based in the Bay Area.  He is the voice behind the blog Courtney Out Loud.  I’ve never met him, but just by his photo, I’m petrified he will be the one with all the energy who wants to drag us all to yet ANOTHER venue after a 25 hour day!
Laurie Laizure founded CustomizedWalls, a bespoke wallpaper and mural company.  She is also co-founder of Interior Design Community on Google+. I look forward to her insight.
Lisa Mende is Principal of the design firm that bears her name in Charlotte, North Carolina which specializes in traditional interiors with a modern vibe. She is also going to Maison&Objet in Paris in September, so I’ll have to get a confession of out her to see how she managed that!
Ann Porter is the brains behind Kitchen Studio of Naples Florida.  As a “Lifestyle Designer” she is interested in making a positive difference in a person’s life with the projects she completes.
Marilyn Russell is a citizen of the world though she now bases her practice, Design Magnifique, in Florida.
So as you can see, I’m in fabulous company.  For now, I close with a big THANK YOU to Veronika Miller of MODENUS for selecting me as part of this amazing group!