minassian rugs: Sybaritic links of luxury

There are but a handful of rug purveyors whose designs and quality measure up to my exacting aesthetic that clients appreciate.  One of these is New York-based Rug-Art for which I dedicated an earlier post.  Another is J.H. Minassian & Co., founded in Los Angeles in 1905 with a sister showroom recently opening in Dallas.
Whether antique, modern or ethnic, the Minassian rugs are quite exceptional in quality and design.  In particular, I think absolutely heads down, their modern rug “Link” is the bomb!  All made by hand, the rug can be made of silk only or a combination of it and wool.  I prefer the latter as the wool adds a little weight to the piece, while the silk ads a wonderful patina and shine. The infinitely delicate embroidered links run along the rug, perfectly spaced apart to avoid visual clutter and therefore help showcase the contents of any modern (or traditional) room to perfection.