Michael Eden ceramics: blending tradition with technology

Two weeks ago, I was invited to a dinner party where the hostess introduced me to a pair of wonderful ceramic vases by UK-based artist Michael Eden.  I had never heard of him but was happy to discover this Master of contemporary ceramics.

What strikes me is the unusual constitution of the shapes.  The top examples look to be inspired by traditional wicker baskets with gooey ribbons of delicious candy strung together to create the ghost of what could be a solid vessel.  The bottom vases are inspired by Wedgewood tureens, but in this case, it looks as if the vessels contracted some type of gnarly disease and are starting to disintegrate.  Mind you neither of these is made from plastic … they’re ceramic!
The artist blends the traditional craft skill (and inspiration) with digital technology processes like 3-D printing, additive layers manufacturing and non-fired ceramic materials to produce one of a kind, truly amazing decorative vessels. I have to say that in the VERY traditional space in which I saw them for the first time, they really stood out, modernizing the classical decorated room.  I can also see how because of their traditional shapes, these can tone down a super contemporary space.
image credits: Michael Eden. (top) Vortex 2010, edition of 12; (bottom) Wedgewood Tureen. The artist is represented by Adrian Sassoon, London.
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