México: perched on the hills overlooking a wine valley is a small hotel with pocket-sized rooms (4/5)

Hotel Endémico, no more than 2 hours south from San Diego, is a tiny modern design hotel in Mexico Baja California’s wine region.  It’s a diminutive 20-cabin retreat (each 240 sq. feet | 22.3 sq. meters) that offers the warmth and friendship of both modern and traditional Mexico to its visitors.

And though there is plenty to do around the fishing and mission towns in the area, the solitude of this place is terrific.  Fitted with modest chic and modern comforts, staying there is not about the hotel itself, but about having an experience like no other all while cozying up to your chimney, wrapped in a blanket, sipping a tequila or local Sémillon and getting lost in the unobstructed views of the valley.  To this I say … Salud!
image credits: Hotel Endémico, Baja California, México