metallic raindrops in london

More ABBA than Greta Magnusson Grossman, these  blingy pendants were designed by the duo of Skogsberg & Smart – Magnus Skogsberg and Mimmi Smart – two Swedes relocated to London.  Aren’t these pendants luxury on steroids?  They look like drops of molten silver and gold raining down from the ceiling.  The light reflecting from the metallic surface is sublime.

It’s hard to gauge from the photos but these are quite large.  I would use a single oversized pendant in an entryway to make a statement or three singles paraded down a long hall or over dining table.
Largely focused on lighting, Skogsberg & Smart also recently teamed up with Absolut Vodka to produce a limited edition bottle for the tony distillery.  You have to love a company that mixes business and pleasure!

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image credits: Skogsberg & Smart, London