Mastering comfortable perfection: a New York loft by architect Len Morgan

Über-New York architect Len Morgan has quietly cultivated a selective client roster often shying away from the glitz of the shelter magazines we all review.  And having experienced his work in the flesh, I can see why clients keep coming back: not only are his spaces perfect to the last alignment of baseboards or fitting of recessed light, but also extremely livable.  His close collaboration in the decorating scheme of rooms with his clients is something to emulate. I’ve profiled many exemplary design colleagues in the past who have spot-on aesthetics to mine, but nobody’s aesthetic is closer to how I personally like to live than Len’s.

As you come into the loft, you walk into the dining area featuring a lovely English oak refectory table and custom banquettes with a cool light pendant by Ingo Maurer.  The art that enhances the space is enough to make a statement without making the space feel like an art gallery … and this elegant sensibility is kept throughout the apartment.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when collectors turn their living space into an art gallery.  Rather than highlighting selective art by its placement, they junk-up the space with the art, making the whole thing look cheap and uninviting. Not in this case J
As you make a left, you face an awesome, north-facing living room featuring disparate decorating styles and periods that sing together to purr-f-e-c-t-i-o-n and create a beautiful melody. A 1950s Franco Albini bookshelf, coupled with 18th-century Chinese stools and a Josef Frank armchair are combined with fearless confidence. Veering slightly more to the left you find the library (very first image of this feature). Did you ever imagine a 19thcentury English Victorian breakfast table married to a trio of 1950s red-colored chairs by Jacques Adnet?  How deliciously naughty!

Rotate back 180 degrees and you’re back looking at the dining room and kitchen.  Backing onto this space at the far end is the hidden wardrobe alcove traversing the apartment from east to west.  Here is where everything from socks to additional art can be stored and moved out-of-sight.
My knees went weak when I first saw the floor to ceiling windows that drench the bedroom with natural light? Is this marvelous or what? As in the rest of the loft, the decorative furnishings in the bedroom work to perfection …  all 20th century from different decades and all so COMFORTABLE!  To the left of the bed is an entrance to the solarium (I know – what a sick sybaritic luxury for NYC, right?) which sits behind the bedroom and is connected to a pretty fabulous cipollino marble lined, modern-equipped bathroom.
I know for a fact the couple owning the loft is beyond pleased with the results.  Len did a wonderful job and is certainly one architect/designer to watch out for.  He is also co-owner of the antiques store Cove Landing, a rich source of good (and real) antiques on 1stdibs.  He is superb!
image credits: Elle Décor.