luxurious bathrooms by a design maestro: yes, it’s pierre yovanovitch and, of course, Paris!

Designing contemporary spaces of infinite luxury that are simple and discrete is one of the trademarks of Paris-based interior architect Pierre Yovanovitch.

As a young man he began developing his modernistic aesthetic during his time working for legendary couturier Pierre Cardin.  This allowed him develop a taste for geometry, proportions, materials and detail, all of which can be appreciated in his delectable spaces.
One of the things that Pierre does superbly well, amongst many, is design a phenomenal bathroom.  Using lots of marble, a material that can easily go gaudy with unseasoned designers, he masterfully selects each piece for perfect harmony, whether in vein or in color.  Below I leave you with 5 different exquisite bathrooms, each very different yet modern in their own special way and ALL wonderfully tasteful a la yovanovitch.
image credits: ©Lux Productions for Pierre Yovanovitch, Paris
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