Looking modern after 600 years!

Often the flower outshines the pot, but in this case, the flower has its work cut out for it.

This delightful Chinese jardinière dates to the early Ming Dynasty (about 1375) and is simply an incredible work of art. The pottery glaze glows with an intense purple color that reflects the light with a luminous iridescence.  Almost certainly made for the Chinese Imperial court, this little gem far surpasses anything the Europeans were making at the time and is a nice example of the sophisticated arts of the Chinese in the 14th century. While Europe was tearing itself apart, China was flourishing with its painting and decorative arts.
Can’t you envision this beautiful pot with a rare orchid sitting on top of a clean-lined 60s Danish sideboard or chest? So simple, so gorgeous, so now.
Image credit: © Sotheby’s. Lot 107, A rare imperial numbered glazed jardinière, 14th century. Height 6.3/8 in. | 16.2 cm; Diameter 10.1/4 in. | 26 cm.  Sold on 14 September 2011 in New York for US$134,500.