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It’s well known that steam bathing has rejuvenating results, so in late October, during a particularly grueling gym routine, I made my way down to the club’s steam room.  There is just something relaxing about the fluffy white warm mist engaging a tired body.  At the time, I noticed a distinct although not particularly offensive smell of stagnant water. It also struck me that the temperature of the room appeared to oscillate even though I had set it on the control outside.  No big deal – life goes on.

Fast forward to last Saturday, when I played tennis in Central Park and then went to the SPA and steam room at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  Aside from the swankiness of the place, it was then and there that I realized that not all steam experiences are the same.


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Not to say that the prior gym steam room was NOT relaxing, but this steam room experience was just better – MORE relaxing – and I immediately started to think why.  First of all, there was a nice eucalyptus aroma in the room and the light was a dim yellow.  There was soft music piped into the enclosure and interestingly, the temperature was adjustable on a touch pad screen.  This steam experience engaged and relaxed ALL my senses making it a much, much better steam room stay.  It’s like drinking good Bordeaux and then trying a great Margaux – there IS a difference.


Mr. Steam advertising

It turns out the latter system is made by Mr. STEAM, purveyors of residential and commercial steam systems whose Marketing Director Martha Orellana I met during the recent MODENUS BlogTour. Interestingly, the company started making industrial boilers in Queens New York almost 100 years ago (where they’re still there today) and has adopted the technology to their steam room systems.


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For as little as $1200 to over $7,000 in equipment, a client can transform their shower into a SPA with Mr. Steam.  And don’t think you need that much space.  You can do it in an enclosure as little as 3 x 3 x 7 feet!!!!



In preparing this post I spoke to Martha Orellana and Michael Pinkus, their CEO, to get the skinny on why their products are just so much better than their competition.  Below their thoughts in a nutshell:

They think of steam bathing as a full sensory experience, so they offer:

  1. Quality steam (consistent moisture content, flow and temperature).
  2. Aromatherapy – natural plant oil extracts that automatically dispense via a medical dose pump before the high temperatures overcook them.
  3. Chromatherapy – the ability to change your mood by the use of the light in the shower.
  4. Music therapy – the ability to tap into your music library via your iPhone and have it piped into the steam enclosure.
  5. State-of-the-art intuitive touch screen control that changes settings (including steam duration) with the swipe of a finger (vs. punching or dialing).  This may be minutia to some, but TOTAL relaxation means exerting as little energy as you can!
  6. Accessories for a holistic bathing experience – from towel warmers and wall seats, to marine lights and speakers for your shower.
  7. Their steam systems are made in the USA and their customer service is based here as well.  The 100 year-old technology of the larger boilers has trickled down to perfect Mr. STEAM’s components, which gives them a great advantage over their competition when it comes to the value of the client’s experience with their system.



After my recent personal experiences with steam rooms and the growing number of client’s wanting to experience steam in their own homes – whether remodels or new construction – I would be remiss to not recommend looking into Mr. STEAM when the opportunity arises.  There is no other wellness system that will completely clean your skin and invigorate the mind in one whole stylish swoop!

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