living in a bubble – disconnecting 21st century style

Recently, I came across this invention by Swiss design studio Micasa Lab called the Cocoon1, self-described as a piece of “furniture you can live in – sleep, cook, relax, play or just shelter”.  Frankly, I don’t know what to think, but in principle it seems like a fun idea.

The basic cocoon1 comes with its transparent sphere (it’s diameter is about 6 feet – 180 cm –  so its not too big) and some pillows.  One can add modules that come separately and therefore change the functionality of the cocoon1 – you can add storage, sleeping, media, kitchen and other modules. You can even hang it on a tree, though I don’t know how you would actually get into it up in the air!
I dig it as a basic piece of furniture placing it in a garden as a reading nook or better yet, as a livable dollhouse or playpen for kids.  So wish I had had one of these growing up!  But imagine having the ability to confine your child’s mess to one place while also being able to keep a close eye on them.  Brilliant!
image credits: Micasa Lab, Zurich
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