object of desire: victoria bain leather embroidered stools

leather embroidered stools victoria bain

Today’s objects of desire – these super chic leather embroidered stools – are very special. While leather embroidery is not a new skill, it seems that recently it has had a resurgence. But it’s actually a very hard thing to do and most residential offerings are subpar by my standards. It’s certainly not something just anybody can do well. Enter English textile embroider par excellence Victoria Bain and superior leather purveyor Whistler Leather. Together they have a line of embroidered leathers with wonderful textural relief and patterns.

We’ve all seen leather stools. But how much more sophisticated are they when covered in stitched leather? Patterns contrast beautifully against the luscious leather background and add just a touch of texture to a room – never a bad thing. Bain can also work with you to create embroidered leather that’s just right for your project: leather can be selected in traditional colors or in a variety of bold, modern colors to add a jolt of color to a space. The embroidery can be rhythmical geometrics that march across the piece, or floral motifs or lacy tracery to give a more feminine air to a traditionally masculine material. The possibilities for leather embossed stools are endless.


leather embroidered stools detail

I wondered about how these stools would hold up in a project I was designing with a gaggle of rambunctious children in mind, but no need to worry! The leather retains the stitching so well and it’s so durable that it’s been used as upholstery in high traffic areas so I’m not concerned of snagging the stitching and having the whole thing unravel before my client’s eyes.


leather embroidered stools variety

Embroidered leather stools are a great way of adding an interesting accessory to a room. You needn’t match them to your upholstery, but use them to liven up a space and give it a pinch highbrow glam. And then just sit back and let the compliments roll in – that’s what my clients did.

Richard Rabel is a New York Interior Designer and Principal at Richard Rabel Interiors+ Art Ltd., a studio offering residential design, decorating and art advising.

image credits: leather embroidered stools: victoria bain, london.