Kyoto meets New York via Barcelona

Recently I had the opportunity to personally view the exclusive modernist furniture line of Barcelona designer Jordi Milà whose philosophy on furniture and furnishings, I share.  He says that “we use furniture to fill an empty space to make our own.  We become familiar with it, as it helps define the way we inhabit our spaces and relate to others and in the process it becomes an important part of our lives, a reflection of who we are”.

One piece that immediately caught my attention was the Mountain Diva bench.  The two- seater seduced me to touch and run my hands over the sinewy, organic curves of the bench.  The delicately delicious hand carved wood seat brought to mind a Japanese garden I saw in Kyoto years ago where the rocks had been silently shaped over millennia by the howling wind and trickling rain.  The supporting stainless steel frame recalled the supporting cables of the BrooklynBridge and so the contrast of nature and machine, encapsulated in this creative piece, is astonishing, beautiful and utilitarian.
The bench can be ordered in either natural (above) or ash tinted plywood and also comes in a 4-seater version.  The 2-seater is 37.2 in. | 94.5 cm. long, 20.47 in. | 52 cm. deep and 21.26 in. | 54 cm. from floor to the tallest part of the back. It retails for €1,770 and is available in Barcelona through