Just monkeying around

Don’t think I’m getting soft these days ….

As I’ve always said, art is not always about the latest trend, the most coveted artist, or the piece that will skyrocket in value.  Many times, it’s about what makes you happy and puts a smile on your face (surely I’ll get hate mail from those who think of art as something celestial on the one hand or demonic on the other!).
That’s why I decided to feature the scrummy commercial animal photography of Sharon Montrose.  I found her through HGTV’s designer EmilyHenderson.  Sharon’s photos are light and capture animals in endearing poses and expressions and are perfectly suited for a child’s room.  While some parents may place a Picasso in a baby’s room so that he/she develops into a great art connoisseur (I promise I’ve seen this), many of us, would be happy and probably prefer to see a photo like this in a child’s space.  And although I’ve not consulted with her, surely Sharon takes commissions, so if you have it all, perhaps it’s the time to think of getting a portrait of your lovable pooch or pretty little piglet?

image credits: © Susan Montrose