Jólan van der Wiel’s Gravity Stool

Just recently named the winner of the 2012 Young Designer’s Competition and recipient of the Interior Innovation Award of the imm Cologne Design and Furniture Fair, Dutch wünderboy Jólan van der Wiel literally seems to defy gravity – you must watch the video below!

His winning entry, Gravity Stool, manages to prove that creativity has no bounds. Using a plasticized magnetic compound, magnets and sheer gravity, Jólan gives life to this expressive stool inspired by organic forms of nature like stalactites and stalagmites.  Unlike the millennia it takes for these mineral forms to “grow”, it only takes about 30  minutes for the materials in the stool to cure and he is able to customize colors to the buyer’s liking. Each weighs about 22 pounds | 10 kilos.
Jólan assures me the stool is not only for looks, but is a piece of sturdy usable furniture, both as a side table or for sitting.  I absolutely adore this product and would look for placing it in a more classic interior that needs 1 or 2 pieces of contemporary flair to kick it up a notch!
Hats off to one cool promising young designer.
And remember before you leave, check out how Jólan brings to life these wonderful creations in this excellent 2 minute video:
image credit: ©Peter Lipton for Jólan van der Wiel
video credits: Miranda Stet, Pieter Kamp and Peter Lipton
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