Jewelry for the Home

Accessories are to the home what jewelry is to a lady’s outfit, and I think you’ll agree, that the Queen (or should I say, la reine) of home accessories must be the late Line Vautrin.

Mme. Vautrin was born just before the First World War and came of age in a France quaking with new ideas and artistic movements.  She began designing jewelry and then moved into the highly collectable cigarette boxes and compacts.  What I REALLY love are her mirrors … those glorious little gems!  They come in a range of sizes from 4in. (10 cm.) to 24in. (61 cm.) in diameter. 
A client of mine has a veritable constellation of these stars above the sofa in her library and I always stop to admire them.  Rich rubies, silvers and golds, they reflect the light in such an array of patterns that they really are like jewels on the wall.  How covetable are these?! 
image credit: © Sotheby’s
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