Japanese tiles for the germ phobe in all of us

If you’ve been to Japan you’ve seen the lovely silver gloss emitted from the roofs of traditional homes.  This shine comes off the tiles which are made of carbonized soil – and you think being “green” started in the West!!!

One Japanese company, Koyo Ibushi, is translating the roof technology into products for home interiors.  One such product I think has tremendous potential is “Arare” (image above).  The “tiles” cannot really be used as a kitchen backsplash because it would be hard to clean grease splashes, but they can certainly be used to cover walls in a home, including a bathroom, and the flat ones, to cover floors.  According to the manufacturer it is a good insulator from both cold and hot weather, AND it absorbs bad smells and poisonous gases and is germ proof … who knew!
Certainly a “green”, new and different product to consider for the modern home!
image credit: Koyo Ibushi, Japan
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