it’s raining …. meteors?

While I’m not one to shy away from new furniture pieces, on this blog and in my projects I’ve shown that taking something given to us by nature and repurposing it with elegance and style can turn out a very, very beautiful piece. Here the example of the Bronze Meteor 2 coffee table by Chista.

Cast in silicon bronze, the highest quality bronze used for serious artwork, the marvelous table is one of four now available from an edition of 6 (a previous edition of 6 cast of a different root sold out).
As it is impossible to cast 1 mold that showed all the detail of the teak root used as the model, several molds of different parts of the root had to be made and then put together.  I tried finding seems but to my amazement there wasn’t one.  It is flawless!!!
This piece is show-stopper and like art with similar visual power, I would only include it in an extremely well tailored, almost minimalist room to let it breathe and hold court on its own.
image credits: Chista, New York. 
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