its not just for the birds: an installation in Barcelona for Hermès by Spanish artist Pamen Pereira

Hermès has the tradition of seeking and commissioning artists to decorate their stores with carte blanche given the firm’s theme of the year.  It was in this vein that I was introduced to the work of Spanish artist Pamen Pereira where she incorporated the notion of liberty, fragility, imagination and swallows into the Hermès Barcelona store.

Although a contemporary and multi-disciplinary artist with private and public commissions since 1989, I personally favor Pamen’s nature influenced sculpture and installations.  It’s their humor and whimsicality that attracts me to them. Given the right residential interiors project I would commission hundreds of birds or butterflies flying in a vortex to the top of a staircase from the ground floor! And then intermingle unobtrusive long pendant lights to illuminate it all at night. Wow!

It’s likely that Pamen’s breakthrough has just come with this installation at Hermès.  Felicidades. En hora buena!

image credits:  Hermès and Pamen Pereira. With thanks to Barcelona-based architect Jorge Rangel for the introduction to the artist.
PS: Thank you for stopping by and reading my feature today.  I love what I do as an interior designer and art advisor, and it’s my hope that through these blog posts I’m enriching and heightening your aesthetic sensibility towards art, design and fabulous interiors in some way ~ Richard Rabel (a.k.a. the modern sybarite)