Is Chatsworth REALLY Swift’s mythical kingdom of Lilliput?

One of the top, top exhibitions not to be missed if you are in England this Fall is Beyond Limits, a selling exhibition of monumental contemporary sculpture.  Over 25 artists from around the world will be on display, from Magritte to Murakami; Ming to Hirst.  Two of my favorites are David Breuer-Weil’s Visitor 2 (above) and Marc Quinn’s Burning Desire (below).

Breuer-Weil’s pair of huge bronze feet sticking up in the air may suggest that Gulliver never made it home and was actually buried by the Lilliputians in Derbyshire!  They fit marvelously in the garden echoing the manicured shrubs of similar sizes that surround them. How brilliant!
My other favorite, Quinn’s exquisitely modeled, gynormous, fire red orchid, perfectly placed along the shores of the cool canal, is simply fabulous.  Can you believe it is made from bronze?!  It is so delicate, weightless and ethereal on the one hand and oh so ominous, delicious and sexy on the other.
Sponsored by Sotheby’s, this magnificent selling exhibition is hosted for a 6th year by Their Graces The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire on the glorious grounds of their quintessential English country “pile” – Chatsworth, in Derbyshire.  The exhibition runs from 16 September through 30 October and is certainly worth the trip.
image credit: © Sotheby’s