a holiday surprise from ipek kotan

Ipek Kotan ceramic

It’s always a treat when, out-of-the-blue, a present lands on my doorstep.  And it’s that much more special, when it’s from one of the artists I’ve featured on this blog.

I wrote about the Limoges porcelain vessels of Geneva-based artist Ipek Kotan sometime ago and since then, we’ve developed a relationship resulting in her elegant work being appreciated by many of my clients.  You see, Ipek is at the top of her game as a renowned ceramicist, with accolades from serious connoisseurs both private collectors and important international museum curators. Her work is truly divine. And I don’t say that lightly!

Thank you Ipek for your delightful, delightful gift.  The packaging is meticulously luxurious and very apropos to showcase your exceptional work of art.  Your kind gesture reminds me that graciousness and gratefulness are not a forgotten art.