inspired by nature – the color blue

Blue is one of my favorite colors.  And while other colors fall out of favor (R.I.P. the avocado and tangerine kitchen!), blue is one of the few that has always remained popular.  My first choice for color inspiration is always to turn to nature.  She is the most talented colorist and provides the best color combinations and hues – if you know where to look for them.  Emulating these has always been a good trick for me in defining color schemes for interiors.

Today I feature a sampling of images of blue found in Mother Nature.  From a blue footed bird from Galapagos; the many ice fields between Canada and Greenland with their magnificent coloration in blue; the blue coloring in a distinct fungus; the blue of the human eye; the gorgeous blue on this diminutive tree frog; the intense inside of a pedestrian rock.  Same color family, but how vastly different the variations and tones found in these diverse natural objects.  Just look around you for inspiration and use that as your starting point for your next project. 
image credit: (from top to bottom): bird – Sara Harvey; Canada ice fields – Mathew Best; fungus – Michelle duPuis; eye – Josh Draper; frog – Humboldt State University; rocks –