Inspired by a coral reef?

Having been fortunate to spend many of my teenage summers at or near the ocean, I grew to appreciate sea life and organic forms, so it was a surprise to me when I learned that accomplished American lighting designer David D’Imperio and I shared similar experiences.  For years I have been attracted to his delicate, simple and very cool linear suspension lighting line and now I know why!
The sleek and modern linear fixtures, inspired by the sea, disperse even and ample lighting and therefore offer an alternative to one or more round pendant fixtures.  Being myself partial to the Helikon, Diadema and Crystalmeth lines, all fixtures are available as low voltage or LED.  The Helikon, featured above, has a silver or gold anodized and engraved aluminum exterior and interior with a stainless steel ceiling canopy and integrated transformer. The pendant measures approximately 72 in. | 1.82 m. or 96 in. | 2.4 m. long x 7 in | 18 cm. high x 7 in. | 18 cm. wide.  Isn’t it FABULOUS?
Image credit © David D’Imperio.  Helikon fixture