inspirational postings for the month of august

The month of August is typically slow in the northern hemisphere.  It’s THE official month of Summer and people are taking vacation time; whether traveling to exotic locations, staying in one-of-a-kind places, relaxing by the pool or just tending to their gardens.  It’s the time to re-charge one’s batteries to get ready for Fall.
With this in mind, themodernsybarite decided to focus its August posts on these pleasurable pastimes, organizing the best of these in weekly themes throughout the month.
Keep checking your posts to discover the most fabulous in summer travel, lifestyle and leisure design!
Images credits clockwise (top left): The Amanikan Cruiser,  Amanresorts, Indonesia;  Hotel La Purificadora, Puebla, MexicoChateau de Versailles; Orient-Express, Machu Pichu, Peru