Ico Parisi makes a statement at Phillips London

Finally Italian mid century design is getting the respect it deserves!  For the past few years, we have seen a run up on prices for French art deco and Scandinavian design all while the fruits of the Italians languished in distant third place.  I for one, love the look for the most part – creative and very, very modern.  Italian craftsmanship is world renowned for quality and style, and pieces from the 50s, 60s and 70s often have a playful edge not seen in designs north of the Alps. Phillips in London have a beautiful dining table coming up for auction that fits perfectly with a modern decor that won’t look out of place surrounded by a set of Wegner or Royère chairs.

The table by Domenico “Ico” Parisi (1916-1996) was commissioned for the Casa Trombetta in Como around 1950.  It’s a simple oval that relies on its architecture – the Carrara marble roundels and the subtle sweep of the pedestal supports – for its decoration.  I particularly like the contrast of the white marble and the rich tones of the rosewood veneer that give it its modern elegance.
Parisi was trained as an architect, but cast his net far and wide, designing furniture, glass and jewelry as well.  His work speaks of his creativity and yet he is not as well known to the mainstream as his contemporaries Gio Ponti and Carlo Mollino.  This is bound to change as more people catch the fever for Italian design.
image credit: Phillips, London. The table is part of their Design Saleon 25 April 2013.  Lot 22, Ico Parisi, An Important and Unique dining table, Estimate £18,000 – 24,000