Happy 1st year modern sybarite!

Few people know I walk around with an old marble in one of my trouser pockets.  It’s there to remind me on a daily basis to treat people as I want people to treat me, good advice given to me when I was no more than 13 by an old summer camp caretaker who also saw my dad grow up.

Since then I’ve been trying to live by these simple but very powerful words that have left an imprint in my way of looking at all personal relationships.
And so with this in mind, 1 year and 274 features in my back pocket today, I want to thank all my loyal followers and readers, new and old, for your support these past 12 months. Your support and that of ongoing new subscribers and followers is what keeps me going. 


A heartfelt thanks to my friend Kristal Davis of The RikRak Studio who systematically encouraged me for months to get started and who had the foresight to see how great this blog would turn out to be.  Without her always joyful and sunny disposition this successful venture never would have taken shape.
Onwards and upwards to a fun-filled 2 year!

image credit: Kristal Davis
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