hanging gardens of brazil

One of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World were the magnificent hanging gardens of Babylon located on the banks of the EuphratesRiver in modern-day Iraq. They were created as the terraced gardens in King Nebuchadnezzar II’s (c. 605 BC – 562 BC.) RoyalPalace.  Imagine walking in the dry and dusty desert and looking up to see lush gardens dripping down from the sky.  It must have been like a mirage, a paradise on earth.
We can still find paradise in today’s updated and modern living spaces.  Our equivalent of fantastical gardens in unexpected places is the “Plant Wall” invented in Brazil many years ago by super talented architect and award-winning interior designer Ugo di Pace. Isn’t this wall in one of his projects just M-A-R-A-V-I-L-H-O-S-A?
Image Credit: ©Ugo di Pace