hand-blown light pendants with a retro feel

I’ll go months without finding a good light fixture, but lately, I’ve been lucky and found a handful of very good sources.  I’m holding on to these, but willing to share with you!  Today it’s the handsome Nested Cylinder pendants by glass artist and designer Jamie Harris in Manhattan.

The pendants comprise 2 nested glass vessels that create a layered visual effect.  The outer vessel has a milky-white to clear color that playfully allows the inner vessel (in clear brown or amber) to shine through, creating phenomenal light.
As these vessels are all hand-blown using traditional glassblowing techniques they are all made to order, which means they can be customized.  Purrrrfect! As such, one can have them as individual pendants (my preference) or have several clustered together under a central chandelier plate.
I can see these in a midcentury vintage residential interior – over a kitchen island, in a living room corner or even in a bathroom or you restauranteurs could hang them in a row over a string of tables at a Tapas Bar.  Bravo Jamie!
image credits: Jamie Harris Studio, New York. 
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