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Today I’m thrilled my friend Gail of the very well received blog Dezignilicious (she is coy and will not admit it, but she is famous!) agreed to write a feature for us.  Hope you enjoy it!

Wood becomes aluminum becomes wood: Furniture by John Houshmand
The best thing about blogging is the people you meet along the way.  Richard and I have formed a mutual admiration society of two, frequently enjoying each others’ blogs (see my blog Dezignlicious) and, of course, commenting back and forth.  He has honored me with an opportunity to share one of my wild and wonderful discoveries with you all today. A big thank you to Richard for the invite!
John Houshmand is forever challenging the intersection of fine arts and functionality. His pieces utilize magnificent slabs of trees juxtaposed against glass, acrylic and metal. They are free form interpretations of ordinary mass produced furnishings that allow the utilized materials to soar to new heights. His latest creations incorporate molds made from huge slabs of oak or mulberry wood, into which aluminum is then poured. The outcome produces an incredible chunk of aluminum that is identical to the original wood slab, which is then balanced on thick black walnut legs. The dining tables…and coffee tables and desks too… are stunning examples of the extraordinary talent of this designer.  I vote for thumbs up on originality and out of the box thinking! And I love this quote on his web site: “We allow grains to spill. We love crumbling bark. We welcome wormholes.” 
Ciao, ciao!
image credit: John Houshmand
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