object of desire – gorham silver tureen

gorham silver tureen

This marvelous Gorham silver tureen is not my usual object of desire, but take a closer look and I think you’ll be persuaded that this is a great piece of sculptural art. Made in 1883 by one of America’s finest Gilded Age silversmiths, I was immediately drawn to this piece because of the fabulous sense of movement.  Observe the lush mass of churning waves that envelope the whole body and boil up over the cover of the Gorham soup tureen. Dolphins playfully peak from amongst the curling waves, while a lone seaweed encrusted clamshell has been tossed to the very top to serve as a handle for the cover.

The silversmith has clearly referenced silver from the French Rococo period in creating this foot-long stunning Gorham silver tureen. I love this piece because it can serve as a great centerpiece in a modern home where it can create a dramatic focal point of interest among the sleek clean lines of a minimalist designed dining room, or could even be used as a decorative box on a console in an entry hall. As I always say, a great piece of art is timeless and will work in almost any home décor.

Richard Rabel is a New York Interior Designer and Principal at Richard Rabel: Interiors+ Art Ltd., a studio offering residential design, decorating and art advising.

image credit: gorham silver tureen: Christie’s